dress in hemp fabric BLUEBELL black
dress in hemp fabric BLUEBELL black
dress in hemp fabric BLUEBELL black
dress in hemp fabric BLUEBELL black

dress in hemp fabric BLUEBELL black

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If you think about a dress that makes you feel good from morning till night, without giving up on style, Bluebell is the one. Its minimal design matches a truly unique natural fabric, You can adjust it in the waist and decide to wear it wide or adherent to your body. Regualr Fit, pockets on and split on side.

100% HEMP

Structurally hemp fiber is hollow and hygroscopic, a perfect combination of characteristics that give hemp yarns high thermal insulation and breathable capacity, making it similar to wool, cool in summer and warm in winter.  Hemp allows to create fabrics that are more resistant to mechanical action than any other natural fabric.
The fabrics made from the hemp plant have also other interesting properties: reflect ultraviolet rays, shield from electrostatic fields, do not conduct electricity, do not irritate the skin because they are hypoallergenic and keep bacteria away from the surface of our body because they are antiseptics.
Resource and energy consumption are minimized, achieving a high level of environmental protection and resource conservation.

Natural fibers respect the environment and guarantee a combination of well-being, economy and ethics. Natural fabrics are produced using yarns made of fibers already existing in nature, obtained through mechanical not chemical processes, that would change their structure. We buy our fabrics from Italian manufacturers who certify their entire supply chain. This fabric is purchased in Italy by a Company specialized in the production of sustainable fabrics. The innovation of finishing techniques ennobles the intrinsically precious characteristics of natural fabrics.

Garment made entirely in Italy, from the design to the production. This garment is made in a Turin tailor's shop, a laboratory which was born, and is still active today, to encourage the job placement of disadvantaged people. Thanks to Federica, the production manager, we made this garment exactly as we had designed it.

The dignity of each worker, taking part in our garments production process, is extremely important for us. We personally check that our collaborators comply with all the protection requirements guaranteed by the European Union.

Hand wash or gentle machine wash - 30 °, use the light spin cycle. We recommend not to use "industrial" detergents and we strongly advise against the use of fabric softener, since it causes damages to the fibers, the environment and the person. We suggest to replace it with white vinegar or citric acid, diluted in plenty of water. The use of neutral soaps as Savon de Marseille, lye, white vinegar or citric acid will better preserve your clothes, skin and the ecosystem. The garments made with natural fibers, if exposed to the air for a night after use, regenerate themselves by losing the impregnating smells and regain tone and softness. Always hang the garment out of the warmer sunlight.