tank in organic cotton fabric TULIP black
tank in organic cotton fabric TULIP black
tank in organic cotton fabric TULIP black
tank in organic cotton fabric TULIP black
tank in organic cotton fabric TULIP black

tank in organic cotton fabric TULIP black

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Feel the sensation of being wrapped in a cloud of the softest organic cotton you have ever touched. You would no longer get undressed. The skin fit and minimal design make it perfect under a jacket or alone, for a real second skin effect.

To make this garment we have selected the first Egyptian organic cotton with extra-long fiber, born within the  Cottonforlife  initiative. NILO yarn combines the excellent varieties GIZA 45 and 87 in one yarn, generating the authentic soul of cotton, tangible in its soft, silky and unique hand feel. NILO is slow, fair, eco-sustainable and cosmopolitan. Cottonforlife is a Filmar Spa initiative that supports and promotes the organic cultivation of Egyptian cotton, realizes an entirely eco-compatible and socially responsible textile supply chain to encourage sustainable fashion.


Choosing organic cotton is important both to respect the environment and for the well-being of people. The cultivation of traditional cotton involves the 30% of the sold pesticides in the world, which are harmful for our planet and a possible source of allergies, because of their residues in the staples. The cultivation of organic cotton reduces gas emissions that alters the climate by 46%, reduces water consumption for irrigation by 91% and primary energy consumption by 62%. Instead, organic cotton is hypo-allergenic and ideal for people with allergies. Organic cotton is defended from insects by promoting birds and other enemy insects or, in any case, by using pesticides of natural origin.

Natural fibers respect the environment and guarantee a combination of well-being, economy and ethics. Natural fabrics are produced using yarns made of fibers already existing in nature, obtained through mechanical not chemical processes, that would change their structure. We buy our fabrics from Italian manufacturers who certify their entire supply chain. We use organic cotton purchased in Italy by an excellence producer, an exciting Company that makes sustainability its main mission, with the result of yarns that are unique to touch.
Certified yarn fabric.

Garment made entirely in Italy, from the design to the production.This garment is made in a small northern Italy knitwear factory, based in Como.
Mrs. Anna, owner of the Company, with her overwhelming energy, and Susanna, with her patience and kindness, accompany us in the creation of our garments, step by step.

The dignity of each worker, taking part in our garments production process, is extremely important for us. We personally check that our collaborators comply with all the protection requirements guaranteed by the European Union.

Hand wash or gentle machine wash - 30 °, use the light spin cycle. We recommend not to use "industrial" detergents and we strongly advise against the use of fabric softener, since it causes damages to the fibers, the environment and the person. We suggest to replace it with white vinegar or citric acid, diluted in plenty of water. The use of neutral soaps as Savon de Marseille, lye, white vinegar or citric acid will better preserve your clothes, skin and the ecosystem. The garments made with natural fibers, if exposed to the air for a night after use, regenerate themselves by losing the impregnating smells and regain tone and softness. Always hang the garment out of the warmer sunlight.